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Our Voting System


Clay County uses a "blended" system of voting and tabulation, with the optical scan method as the basis of the system. We use DS200 optical scanners at the precinct, and the 650 high-speed scanner at the Elections Office to process mail ballots.

To meet the mandate for a voting system accessible to those with disabilities, each precinct will have at least one ExpressVote in addition to the DS200 optical scanner. Early voting will be conducted on DS200 optical scanners and the ExpressVote will be available for persons with disabilities. The vendor for our voting equipment is Election Systems & Software.

The optical scan method of voting is a user-friendly method that makes voting both fast and simple. Just fill in the oval to the left of the candidate or issue that you wish to vote for, as illustrated below:


The touchscreen method is simple as well. An Election Worker will activate an electronic ballot and leave the voter in private to complete the ballot on the touchscreen. An audio ballot is available for non-sighted voters.

Vote by mail, early voting and precinct voting are tabulated together at the Elections Office after the polls close on Election Day. The results are released to the public and posted on our website.

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ES&S intElect DS200

Digital Optical Scan Tabulator


Product Brochure

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ADA Universal Voting System

The ExpressVote® is a Universal Voting System that combines paper-based voting with touch screen technology to create a breakthrough in voting solutions for early vote centers and in our precincts on Election Day. 


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