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Respond to Address Confirmation Final Notice

  Green Card


You were mailed an Address Confirmation Final Notice because mail to your address of record was 
recently returned as undeliverable and/or we received information that your address of record has 
changed to a location outside of Florida. Please complete the form below or return the card within 
30 days. If you use this online form, you do not need to mail the notice back to our office. 



    • If you do not respond to the notice within 30 days, you will be placed on the inactive voter list.



If you no longer live in Florida and wish to cancel your Florida Voter Registration, check the appropriate 
box on the card you were mailed, sign and return the card to our office. 

    Items denoted with an (*) are required.



Response Form

Green Card - Address Confirmation FINAL NOTICE

Use this form if you received a green card in the mail.

Card was mailed to (Name & Address)?
FL Voter ID Number
Are you the voter named on the green card?
Date of Birth
Phone Number
Your Email
Has legal residence changed (listed on green card)?
Provide your legal residence address (if changed).
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